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Tree Nursery

The VSPT, in partnership with the Mvule Trust, is constructing a tree nursery and conservation outreach program in the Kyambura area, located near Kyambura Gorge Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.

The tree nursery aims to establish a large nursery of 400,000 indigenous trees on VSPT land adjacent to the national park. The young trees will be handed out to community members living in the National Park and also planted in the VSPT 100 acre restoration area along the Kyambura Gorge.

The Kyambura area is one of the most densely populated communities neighbouring Queen Elizabeth National Park. Communities in this area have depleted most of their natural resources including trees, wetland and clean waterways. The forestry team will lead education programs at local primary schools so that children may learn the importance of trees to our environment and how to plant and care for them from a very early age.

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