10 Hotels So Off The Map You Need A Private Plane Or Helicopter Just To Get There

Forbes, Breanna Wilson

Nothing easy is ever rewarding. And there’s nothing easy about getting to these 10 as-remote-as-it-gets hotels, resorts and lodges around the world. Which is exactly what makes staying at any one of these properties so satisfying. Whether it means chartering a private helicopter or jumping in a resort’s own seaplane, these stunning hotels are all worth the extra effort to get there – just take a look.

(And while I suppose you could get to some of these resorts by boat or an arduous journey by 4×4, where’s the fun in that?)

Volcanoes Safaris Bwindi Lodge, Uganda

Accessibly by helicopter from Kigali

Tucked away inside Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (yes, that its real name), and with only eight guest accommodations, Volcanoes Safaris Bwindi Lodge is a true escape into the heart of Uganda. The only thing cooler than getting to this remote lodge is the chance to come face-to-face with the mountain gorillas that call this area of the world home. Which, if that sounds up your alley, you’ll certainly want to take the lodge’s team up on the chance to go on a gorilla tracking experience when you go.

Volcanoes Safaris Bwindi Lodge